Addis Training & certification is an IT company established recently. It is established to accomplish two objective(s):

  • (1) Training, consulting, and (2) Certifications:

(1)Training and Consulting Areas

Focus Areas

  • We are established to provide training and consulting services that integrate IT with business processes, hard science topics like programming and databases. We have designed different courses in these areas from basics to advanced levels. What is unique about our training topics is that we focus on issues that integrate both technology and business operations. This is because technology as a tool is meant to support organizations' everyday business processes.  Specifically, we focus on:
    - Technical IT training in the areas of programming, database,
    - IT management like IT Project management,
    - IT strategy and business alignments
    - IT auditing
    - Website performance analysis and optimization
    - Advanced office applications

(2). Certifications

  • Besides giving training and consulting tasks, we also provide platforms where our communities and professionals can get access to international certifications.  In this regard, we have already signed an agreement with an American Institute, that provides different International certifications in Business and Management areas. For more,

(3). Key personnel of the company

  • The majority of our consultants and trainers (95%) are University lecturers and Asst Professors. They have decade years of experience in teaching, research, training as well as (as invited associate consultants for other private firms). We have a team with diverse areas of specializations, business, management, programming, databases, marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.