In collaboration with the American Institute for Business Communication and Management (AIBMC), we also provide certification platforms to the following Top International Certifications in Business and Management

CMEP : Certified Monitoring & Evaluation Professional

CHRBP: Certified Human Resources Business Partner

CFME: Certified Facility & Maintenance Engineer

CSBP: Cyber Security Business Professional

CBTP: Certified Business Transformation Professional

CSRP: Corporate Social Responsibility Professional

CMAS: Certified Market Access Strategist

CREP: Certified Renewable Energy Professional

CRM/CTMP: Certified Recruitment Manager/Certified Talent Management Professional

Professional MBA:

CTM: Certified Training Manager

CTIP: Certified Technology And Innovation Professional

CSCM: Certified Supply Chain Manager

CRME: Certified Retail Management Expert

CQC: Certified Quality Consultant

CPRM: Certified Public Relations Manager

CPPE: Certified Production And Planning Engineer

CPM: Certified Project Manager

CPM: Certified Product Manager

CPIM: Certified Purchasing & Inventory Manager

CPBM: Certified Pharmaceutical Business Manager

COM: Certified Operations Manager


CMP: Certified Management Professional

CLM: Certified Logistics Manager

CIPT: Certified International Professional Trainer

CHRE: Certified Human Resources Expert

CHPM: Certified Humanitarian Project Manager

CGM: Certified General Manager

C.SSGB/C.SSYB/C.SSBB: Certified In Six Sigma (Green, Yellow And Black)

CCSM: Certified Customer Service Manager

CCMP: Certified Crisis Management Professional

CCM: Certified Commercial Manager

CBMA: Certified Business Management Analyst

CBIS: Certified Business Intelligence Specialist

CBE: Certified In Business English

CBDM: Certified Business Development Manager

CBCP: Certified Business Communication Professional

CBC: Certified Business Consultant


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