Training on SQL

Database is the engine of almost all information systems. Efficient and effective database design, development, implementation, and management needs advanced skill sets. This training helps database enthusiasts to master such skillsets on the latest SQL technology. The training content includes, not limited to:

  • Course 1: SQL Server 2016 Database Planning, Designing, Development, and Management
    - Planning, Designing, and Implementing, SQL Server 2016
    - Developing SQL Server 2016 Databases
    - Querying SQL Server Databases
  • Course 2: SQL Server 2016 Database Administration
  • - Administering SQL Server 2016 Databases
    - SQL Server 2016 Performance Tuning and Optimization
    - SQL Server 2016 AlwaysOn and High Availability
  • Course 3: SQL Server 2016 Data Management and Analytics (On your ToR- SQL Server Data Platform)
    - Implementing Data Warehousing using SQL Server 2016
    - SQL Server 2016 Business Intelligence Platform