Webinair on Quanitative Data Analysis. In this webnair will demonestrate the simplest ways of analysing quanitative data. Join us!

The relationship between Problem statement, RQs, measurement Items, and Literature Review

Master the skill of doing research a fun and easy way. It is 100% practical. As a result at the end of the training, trainees will develop their proposal completed or have a paper ready for publication. In this training course, training will master the skill of:

How to identify research issues/ problems in their discipline (areas)

How to write abstracts, statement of the problem

How to Systematically review the literature

How to develop conceptual frameworks

How to choose research designs, approaches

How to analyze data qualitatively and quantitatively (using SPSS and SmartPlS)

How to interpret their data

How to cite and reference papers and reference materials

How to prepare papers for publication etc