IT Strategy Innovation

Business schools and programs teach entrepreneurship and strategy. But in most of the cases, they fail to teach and train executives or graduates about how to innovate strategies. Many of the courses and training helps trainees to understand how to cut operational costs and grow business and do not focus on how to identify new business opportunities. For example, as a manager, do you have the practice of innovating new strategies? New business models? Who is feeding your strategic planning process with ideas that stretch your current strategy and get you into new markets?

How are you going about identifying your next new business platform, the basis of your future growth and success? If you want to explore new business models, want to ‘‘change the rules of the game’’ so that your company’s products, competencies, and assets provide you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, to come up with new strategies that can be used as a source of competitive advantage in more stable markets, etc; this training course is right for you.