Knowledge Management Concepts and Tools 

Relatively, knowledge management is a new field and its application has not popularly known in Ethiopia. But, if we know what it is and how we manage it, there is a lot to benefit from it. So, as an organization, if one of the following is your concern, this training is right for you. How do I know/ define the direction of my organization’s employees' training areas? How do I know what knowledge resides in my company and what knowledge I need to look for outside? How do I ensure employees are applying the knowledge/ skills they learned/ trained on? Do I know (as a company) what I know/ have? How do I protect my company’s knowledge from loss? Etc

Like inventories, organizations need to prepare an inventory of knowledge and manage it accordingly. Otherwise, there is a high chance of incurring unnecessary costs by sourcing from external sources. In line with this, besides the learning on the basis of knowledge management, this training helps trainees on available ICT tools that can be used by organizations in the way to apply knowledge management in their organization.