Training on Website Performance Analysis Tools and Softwres

According to data on LinkedIn, digital/online marketing is one of the top skills that get people hired year after year, and web analytics is one of the core digital marketing skills. Being able to understand the performance of web sites and ad campaigns is important. Analytics is also considered a part of business intelligence. By taking this training you will easily answer key questions like:
• How many people visit my website and how many of them are unique?
• Where do my visitors live or from which country they visited my website?
• What is the gender of my website visitors?
• Which search terms (on Google) brought them to your website?
• Which part of the website is attracting customers? Etc.
• How search engines like Google see your website?

Understanding the answer to the above questions helps us to understand the behavior of website visitors so that we redesign websites for better customer attraction. This indicates how important is this training basically for organizations that are struggling to attract customers, for firms that have an online presence.
Who can take this training:
• Sales managers,
• Marketing Managers/ strategist,
• Marketing Consultant
• Anyone who wants to advise business firms