We have designed tailor-made short term training to industry professionals.

We focus on areas that blend IT and business. Below, you will find some of the areas we specialize in. 


Digital Marketing
1. Want to know how Google See you Business?

2. Want to rank your website on top of search engine results?

3. Want to make your website appear in front of people when they browse other sites?
4. Want to Increase your visibility

5. Increase your conversions & time on site
6. Increase traffic to your business
7. Get mentioned in top blogs, magazines etc

8 Want to certify on Digital Marketing, this course is for you

Website Performance Analysis
Do you want to know:
1. Who and from where (country) someone has seen your website?
2. How one has arrived onto your website (either Googled or from Social media)?
3. Do you want to know what terms someone has typed to land on your page?
4. Is your website attracting customers?
If you want to answer these and many more questions, this training is for you
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Other Short Term Training Courses
1. Strategy Innovation
2. IT (MIS) Strategy Development
3. Crowd Funding
4. IT for non IT Managers
5. IT based Business Models (ideas)
6. IT Security for non IT people (business owners)
7. Cloud Computing for Managers
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Other Useful Training Topics
Mobile Advertising

IT Project Management

Knowledge Management

Data Mining

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Top Important Training
The following are the most timely training. Having the training and if possible certifying oneself has a huge value:

1. Information System Auditing

2. Information System Based techniques and Fraud Detection

3. Information System Auditing Framework (COBIT)
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Technical IT Trainings
We also specialize in training the following topics (courses):

Advanced Java Programming

Advanced C++ Programming

Advanced Python Programming
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Training on Data Analysis Tools
We also Train on tools like:



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 Why Digital Marketing is Important 

Today, the number of people and the amount of time they spend online is increasing from time to time. Such an increase is an opportunity for organizations and people to make business. Imagine the number of people who are browsing social media and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc and social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Such a huge number of online communities is an opportunity for organizations if we know what to do and how to do it! To benefit from online communities, one needs to know how such technologies and platforms work and design appropriate strategies.

Research showed many websites in the developing world are not doing what they could have achieved for their respective organizations. In this regard, we feel that Ethiopia is not an exception. Towards a remedy to this problem, we have designed two useful training:

1. Training on Digital Marketing and

2. Training on Website Performance Analysis. 

Training on Digital Marketing 

This training will help you to answer questions like:

  • Understand how search engines like Google see your website? (if there are technical issues that you do not see it) but affects search
  • What kind of contents (other than fancy images on many websites) need to be posted on your website so that you will get more visibility
  • How you can advertise your products and services to the international community
  • To understand how your competitors in the international market (in the industry) operate
  • How to advertise your business on others' websites 
  • How to register your business with online business directories and 
  • Many more

Who can attend? 

  • Marketing and or sales managers/ personnel
  • IT strategists and innovators
  • Anyone who uses the internet for their business (either to reach new customers)  

Training on Website Performance Analysis 

Website performance analysis goes hand in hand with digital marketing. Having a website/ spending on online advertising is not enough unless you know how to use the data. If you want to assess how your company’s website is working for you or against you, then awareness about this topic is imperative.  According to data on LinkedIn, digital/online marketing is one of the top skills that get people hired year after year, and web analytics is one of the core digital marketing skills. Being able to understand the performance of web sites and ad campaigns is important.

Analytics is also considered a part of business intelligence. By taking this training you will easily answer key questions like:

  • How many people visit my website and how many of them are unique?
  • Where do my visitors live or from which country they visited my website?
  • What is the gender of my website visitors?
  • Which search terms (on Google) brought them to your website?
  • Which part of the website is attracting customers? Etc.
  • How search engines like Google see your website?
  • Do you want to follow and retarget people who have seen your website or product/ service? 

Understanding the answer to the above questions helps us to understand the behavior of website visitors so that we redesign websites for better customer attraction. This indicates how important is this training basically for organizations that are struggling to attract customers, for firms that have an online presence.

Who can take this training: 

  • Sales managers,
  • Marketing Managers/ strategist,
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Anyone who wants to advise business firms


We train you as you have never been trained before!