We have designed tailor-made short term training to industry professionals

We focus on three areas: (1) Application of IT in Business, (2) Hardcore IT, and (3) IT Management areas. Specifically, we have over 20 short term training areas (please read the list here: https://research4devt.com/training-topics 


Digital Marketing
1. Want to know how Google See you Business?

2. Want to rank your website on top of search engine results?

3. Want to make your website appear in front of people when they browse other sites?
4. Want to Increase your visibility

5. Increase your conversions & time on site
6. Increase traffic to your business
7. Get mentioned in top blogs, magazines etc

8 Want to certify on Digital Marketing, this course is for you

Website Performance Analysis
Do you want to know:
1. Who and from where (country) someone has seen your website?
2. How one has arrived onto your website (either Googled or from Social media)?
3. Do you want to know what terms someone has typed to land on your page?
4. Is your website attracting customers?
If you want to answer these and many more questions, this training is for you
Other Short Term Training Courses
1. Strategy Innovation
2. IT (MIS) Strategy Development
3. Crowd Funding
4. IT for non IT Managers
5. IT based Business Models (ideas)
6. IT Security for non IT people (business owners)
7. Cloud Computing for Managers
Other Useful Training Topics
Mobile Advertising

IT Project Management

Knowledge Management

Data Mining

Top Important Training
The following are the most timely training. Having the training and if possible certifying oneself has a huge value:

1. Information System Auditing

2. Information System Based techniques and Fraud Detection

3. Information System Auditing Framework (COBIT)
Technical IT Trainings
We also specialize in training the following topics (courses):

Advanced Java Programming

Advanced C++ Programming

Advanced Python Programming
Training on Data Analysis Tools
We also Train on tools like:



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 These training courses are unique in many ways:

  • The trainers who designed the courses have a decade of experience in teaching, training, and research
  • They have many years of working in different industries and have the know-how of the problems over there. 
  • While developing the contents, course developers have consulted the latest technologies, case studies, and research results. 

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